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What is Tinder?

Tinder is an app for iOS and Android devices meant to help people meet others easily. Though the developer denied that Tinder is a hookup app, but it actually can enhance casual hook ups within your vicinity and help singles seeking a one night stand or no strings attached casual dates easily. With the feature Swipe Right to like someone and Swipe Left to pass, Tinder makes it easy and fun to make new connections and it helps the app become the most popular dating app in a short period of time. What makes the app further interesting is its ability to link you to your desired date within the defined locality. But currently, it does more than that. It’s also used as a meeting ground for even those seeking long-term relationships as well as a tool for meeting new friends and expanding ones social groups.

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Why You Use Tinder?

20% of Tinder users are looking for a Quick Hookup

Tinder Data (2016)

Basic Info

Platform iOS & Android
Founder & CEO Sean Rad
Launch Date September 2012
Countries 196 Countries
Pricing (US) $9.99/month (Age 30 and over: $19.99/month)


User Base 50 million
Paid Subscribers Over 1.5 million
Swipe Per Day 1.4 billion
Total Matches Over 10 billions
Rankings Top grossing "Lifestyle" app in 99 countries

Male VS Female

67.8% on Tinder are males

*Resource: Statista.com

Most Popular Dating Apps Downloads (in millions)

Tinder ranks #1 with 11 million global downloads (July 2016)

*Resource: Statista.com

How Tinder Works

Step 1: Registration Process

Tinder Register
  1. Download freely the app from the Google play or Apple App store to your Android or iOS device.
  2. Next, link up your Facebook account with the app. Confirm the company’s terms of service and access to your phone.
  3. Tinder will then proceed to download your personal details from you Facebook account; for example, your name, photos, location, and your interests.
  4. After you have registered, you can then choose your desired profile portrait and five other additional pictures. The app has currently customized to allow the upload of one’s picture even from your phone to the Tinder profile.
  5. The profile setting allows the user to give a brief biography of you; education and occupation details.
  6. The user chooses who to link with (men, women or both) and even defines how far from your location should Tinder stretch the search.
  7. Still on the setting tab, by turning on or off your discovery, you become visible or invisible to other new profile users on the Tinder platform. You can also customize on your alert.

Step 2: Tinder Swipe

Tinder Swipe

The linking process is pretty straightforward. The members’ interaction is mainly through the utilization of the swipe technique. Following your desired range, the potential candidates will be seen popping on the screen one by one. Their portraits will be accompanied by their age, any common mutual interests or friends shared. To get additional information on these suitors, all you have to do is to hit the information button.

The user liking or not liking any profile picture on the screen will be indicated by the direction of the swipe; a swipe to the left of the portrait signifies a dislike (or touching the X) and right acceptance (touching the heart). Users will never know if someone has swiped left on them. Alerts are set up only for a mutual ‘like’. If unsatisfied with the displayed profile picture, you can dig dipper into the additional photos or even their Instagram then make an informed decision. You can also recommend the user to your friends by clicking the share button or report the user if you find he or she is inappropriate.

Step 3: Get Matched

Tinder Get Matched

When you have “swiped” on a many picture profiles and nothing happens, be patient. Your desired partner also has to indicate his or her interests in your portrait for you to be matched. When both Tinder subscribers swipe to the right on the other party’s profile, the event becomes a success, and the screen displays a Tinder match card with the words, “It's a match.” The successful match avails to you the chat room and exchange text messages only, no photos or videos. The conversation then shifts to witty messages and verification of common interests.

Step 4: Improve Your Profile

One of the prominent factors influencing one’s likes of a particular profile is the image used on the profile picture. You might then wonder how to choose the most striking portrait to increase your right swipe. It isn’t that difficult since the app has an algorithm "Smart Photos" for that purpose. At the first moments when you register with the app, it will keep on changing your profile picture and records that particular one that favors you most; the one that records the most right swipes by others.

In other words, to get more online dates with the app, choose the more natural looking profile picture. That particular photo that paints the real you in a more natural environment will inspire trust and therefore more socially likable. Linking your profile to major social accounts like Instagram provides more avenues for getting your additional images and hence making the complete Tinder profile.

Step 5: Send a Message

Tinder Messages

Tinder keeps things fair for daters by only allowing communication to members that have already liked each other. You can never send messages to people who don't like you. Besides texting messages, you can send interesting GIFs as well. After talking with others for a while you can Unmatch or Report someone directly if you don't like the member or think the member is a scammer.

Tips: How to get a better match with Tinder app

  1. Honesty. To get along the way and get the best from the app, feed in the right information. Avoid lying or exaggerating on your abilities.

  2. First picture impression: your initial outlook matters choose carefully the image to use. It should reflect your personality or what you like most.

  3. To further advertise yourself the right way, avoid uploading too many group photos. Tinder users are concerned about you and not your friends.

  4. Be creative with your “Moments.” Innovative messages will single you out from the rest of the crowd.

  5. Dig deeper for other factors like height since the app will only reveal the age of your suitors.

Tinder Pricing

With Tinder Plus You Can:

  • Skip The Line: Be the top profile in your area for 30 minutes to get more matches. You can get 1 free Boost every month.
  • Unlimited Right Swipes:  You can get the ability to like as many people as you like.
  • Passport to Any Location:  You can match with people all around the world with no limitation.
  • Get Extra Super Likes:  You can get 5 Super Likes a day and increase your chance at a match by 3 times.
  • Rewind Your Last Swipe:  Accidentally swiped on someone? You can rewind and swipe again.
  • Control Who Sees You:  You can choose to only be shown to people who you have right swiped.
  • Control Who You See:  You can choose to see the most relevant people or see the most recently active people first.
  • Hide Ads:  Enjoy a 100% ad free experience.

Tinder Plus (Age Under 30)

1 Month $9.99
6 Months $34.98 ($5.83 per month)
12 months $54.96 ($4.58 per month)

Tinder Plus (Age 30 and Over)

1 Month $19.99
6 Months $75.00 ($12.50 per month)
12 Months $99.99 ($8.33 per month)

Tinder Boost

1 Boost $3.99
5 Boosts $15 ($3.00 each)
10 Boosts $25 ($2.50 each

Super Likes

1 Super Like (Per Day) Free
5 Super Likes $4.99
25 Super Likes $19.99

Smart Tinder Features

Shared Moments

Once you have been matched with your partner, you can then proceed to take your desired pictures and upload them to you account. These images and text messages will be shared exclusively with those you had been connected to previously. It’s another means of conversing with your friends. Similarly, the “moments” can be “swiped” left or right.

Transfer to Any Location

After paying for Tinder, a virtual transfer of your profile from one location to another is possible. The transfer is of particular importance when you are relocating briefly to a new place, say vacation. The Tinder passport, enjoyed by the Tinder Plus subscribers, gives one the opportunity to arrange for new friends in a new location and therefore be lonely no more.

Super Like

An upgrade to the online dating app allows one to declare an interest in another person even before a swipe is made. The super like feature, therefore, increases the likelihood of a match. To the average subscriber, you are given one free Super like on a daily basis. However, those on the paid platform have access to five Super likes every 24 hours.

Smart Photos

Commonly known as the “Smart Photos,” the new algorithm has seen the matching on this platform rise by 12%. The frequent you swipe or get swiped the clearer the system records what’s best for you. Alternatively, a new scientific study indicated that the more natural your photo appears the higher the chance of receiving likes.

Tinder Boost

Tinder boost is a new feature to give your profile a positive visibility enhancement. It elevates a profile picture to the top ten positions within your locality for approximately half an hour. You therefore arguably stand ten times more profile views.


If you have accidentally indicated a dislike on a profile that you truly desire, you can rewind back the picture. However, the ability to rewind an image is available only on a subscription basis.

The iMessage

This feature gives Tinder subscribers the chance to arrange for a group hanging out. To join a group and plan for a night out, you have to be friends on Facebook and also a tinder user.

Tinder Apple TV

This recent feature is like an upgrade of Tinder social. It allows for collective “Tindering” but this time on a big screen; Apple TV. This has been made possible due to the new App TV app.


Currently, “Tinderers” can integrate their Instagram to their profile. The extended link provides ways of advertising yourself, based on the photos to your impending dates.

Tinder Social

This feature gives Tinder subscribers the chance to arrange for a group hanging out. To join a group and plan for a night out, you have to be friends on Facebook and also a tinder user.

Tinder Pros

Free of Use

The use of the service is free, no monthly fees charged to your credit card. The unpaid for service is unlike other dating sites like eHarmony or OK Cupid. The only exception here is when the user wants to advance to the TinderPlus, a paid platform for additional features.

Quick Registration

Quick registration and set up. Begin by downloading the software, connect it to your Facebook account, and you are ready to commence on the swipe. All this can take not more than two minutes.

Quick & Customized Match

The app can be customized to match only with a date at an exact location. For example, same estate, village or even college. Compared to other dating sites, the platform offers a quicker connection process.


Using the app via mobile is a lot more fun and allow for a natural connection between the user and Tinder. It is user-friendly; swiping someone and the texting (moments) are quite enjoyable.

Time Saving

The app only notifies you of a successful match. It saves you from the pain of the rejection; you will never know if someone you desired has responded back by instead turning down your offer.

Great Chance of Date

There are a lot of people to choose from dates; the software has more users who also change with location, this provide you with lots of friends at your disposal.

Smart Photos

The Smart Photos feature helps you get more matches.


There are no unwanted emails; only the right person of your like can share moments with you.

Tinder Cons

Have to be Patient

At times you might get frustrated after several swipes but apparently no success. You have to be patient and use your best images especially the first ever image on your profile.

Mainly for Casual Dates

The general perception of Tinder app is that it’s purely a hookup place for the one-night stand or hit and run case. So anyone seeking for long term friendship has to wade through the casual hook up class.


Even though the company has made real efforts to secure your privacy, more social accounts linked to your profile, the more insecure you get. Besides, it is easy for someone to assume a false identity; the only verification needed is the Facebook account.

Limited Swipes

On the free platform, the app allows you to swipe up to 200 profiles in 12 hours, except if you upgrade to a premium account.

Only on Mobiles

The program is restricted to mobile use only and doesn’t have the website edition.

Pricing is Based on Age

The Tinder Plus subscription is age biased. It tends to be expensive for the older generation.


The app is very addictive.

Appearance Focused

The search for the right match tends to be more focused on a person’s appearance other than other significant background details.


There are plenty of fake profiles and scammers from South Africa

Security Issues

The Tinder Company has undertaken several security measures to ensure the safety of the users’ personal data from unauthorized persons. But the company met several privacy issues (2014 to 2016) that prompted its engineers to incorporate ways of identifying a user’s location. The updated version of the app corrected the privacy loopholes that existed before.

Major Competitors


Unlike Tinder, Bumble is more female tilted and gives them the lead to break the silence and set off a conversation; the female makes the first move to open the chat. Bumble charges; This is free to use an app, except its subscription package (BumbleBoost) which costs $10 a month, but discounted to those who extend their terms to over three months. The subscription avails three new features to its users; Beeline, Busybee, and Rematch.


A dating app that connects users with those they had met in town. It’s entirely free to use. It’s mainly suitable to town dwellers, for example those staying close to offices. Happn gives you the prospect to link to those you had encountered within a radius of 250m.

The League

It’s a new online dating app targeting people of a certain class; single elites. The screening for new members is based on their profession or education level.


it’s a completely free online dating platform for Android and iPhone users. The app will link you to dating partners from your Facebook mutual friends. On this platform, the users will only be joined if they share a common interest. Hinge charges; there is no subscription for this app.


This is a sleek and reputed dating site. Although it offers a free account, the paid platform has extra services. OKCupid.com charges; Its subscription fees are $10 for one month, $24 for three months and $30 for six months subscription.

Overall: We are Swiping Right to Tinder

Although it has little security verification requirements that users have to take caution on how much to reveal on their Facebook or Instagram accounts, Tinder app is now the best choice for casual hookups with millions of single fishes. By integrating one’s social account to his profile, it has been more and more addictive especially for younger generation. With Smart Group Chats, an amazing Apple TV app, Super Likes and more and more improvements, we are swiping RIGHT to Tinder.

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