Top 5 Fast Ways to Find Local Hook Ups When You Travel Abroad

Do you dare to travel alone? Or would you rather travel with a friend, or group of friends? Well, many people do not plan to travel alone, and prefer to travel with family or friends. But sometimes, friends cannot travel at the same time, and it is not a good idea at all wait until they can. Travel alone, have some advantages, one of them is that you will have to socialize by force of circumstances with new people; you will leave your comfort! However, you will also have to be a self-esteem and self-confidence person!

We chose 5 ways to meet people when you are abroad:


Tinder app┬áis a successful hookup app, at least by the number of users it has. Will it succeed, too? This is a lottery, and you need to be lucky! Image is essential, it will be from there that you will or will not, start a written dialogue with someone who liked your profile, or better, your photo and vice versa. When you do the “okay” between the two, you will have an open path to dialogue with your new “friendship”. You have to impress with your image and the content of your conversation. From there, meet her in Heaven or Hell!


Have you just come to a country and want to try the typical gastronomy? Well, this app may be interesting for you, joins people passionate about gastronomy. It is a kind of “tinder with food”, where it is possible to have the opportunity to join with other people at the table. It is a good alternative for those who do not like online dating services, at least so direct and explicit services. Maybe you will find a lady at the table, but crazy in bed!


Go to a museum or exhibition, they are less likely places, so whatever the approach, the other person will not feel trapped in their clutches. Choose for example an exhibition of painting, preferably free entrance, fix yourself on the person who interests you and subtly, go to the works of art along with she, and almost whispering, comment the work with words like “contagious”, “exploding”, “intrusive” as like you were speaking to her. See her expression; everything begins in an unusual way, even if planned. Read a little about art, especially about the style of the exhibition, and not about the painter, because it will seem too understood, and if she is an expert, your conversation will end too soon…

Garden square

Nothing better than a park, if it is a big city, there will be many (think about Central Park or Hyde Park), it is common to find people alone, quieted to relaxed, reading and… waiting for the boyfriend, so watch well before moving forward! Find someone who is reading or sunbathing. Sit next to her (she will not have to be in the same seat or too close) and open the map that you strategically carry with. What she will see, is someone who is traveling alone and looking for some tourist spot.
Let her see you, and after much mapping, gain courage and ask her some directions to the destination. It will be your “starting point” for the beginning of the conversation! Tell her from where you are and that you are traveling alone. Hopefully she still takes you where you want to go!

Bars and Nightclubs

At night, as rule, it is always a good counsellor! You will hardly going to marry a woman that you have meet at night, but to have fun, exchange ideas, hook up, have a good time, is a possibility to consider.
Choose large environments and with more people, these places are always more relaxed! Although noise is frequent, therefore the image factor is essential. In this case, before a conversation, crossing eyes are the starting point!

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