Top 10 Best and Worst Introductory Messages on Tinder App

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The ultimate goal for using Tinder app is to find an appropriate match. How you approach your match will either make or break the relationship. No wonder you have to be careful how you break the conversation if you want to get a reply and eventually settle on the first date.

For one to draft an excellent introductory message and get you a positive response, the message must be constituted with the following mindset:

  1. Don’t be too eager to text her immediately after the match

Having locked your Tinder partner, don’t be over anxious to shower your partner with messages. Give that lady a brief moment to initiate the chat and flirt; some females enjoy it that way. If she doesn’t contact you after an hour or so- start the conversation.

  1. Avoid generic pickup lines

You have to be creative, avoid the usual boring starters. For example, the common opening clauses like: hey girl, hi, or what’s up? Chances are your girl has more than one match, so for you to get her interested, you have to stand among the rest with your messages. Go for a pickup line that will bring a smile or a giggle on her face thereby giving you a reply.

  1. Don’t be too lengthy it’s not an essay

Remember you haven’t gotten to know her; therefore don’t be too lengthy in your texts. Chatting on a tinder platform should involve the exchange of short and sweet messages. For example, why not give a direct comment like “That was a gorgeous smile!”

  1. Take her age into consideration

An introductory message that thrills a teenage girl will not do likewise to a 40-year-old woman. Customize your message to match her age group. In doing that way, you will be asking or commenting on things she is well familiar with in her everyday life.

  1.  Capture her interests

To initiate a chat with that gorgeous woman, think of something that strikes on her interests. For example, you can go through her profile and learn of things that will get her interested. Avoid those comments that touch on her being attractive or beautiful. Every cute girl has heard of that a thousand times.

A good example is commenting on her hobby; ‘I see you also like soccer, were you surprised by the outcome of the last world cup finals?’

  1. Don’t be too flat with your messages

The epitome of Tinder dating and enjoyment begins on exchanging flirting messages. Therefore it is wise to clothe your messages with some fun or jokes because it’s what she is looking out for on Tinder dating app.

  1. Don’t push on the woman so much with your messages, must you show you desperation?

Having been linked together by the dating application suggests the lady has something she admires or finds interesting in you. So don’t be desperate and pushy in your conversation, instead identify something, or a topic all of you enjoy. Something you can freely talk about with her so as to build that close bond.

  1. Use GIF plus a strong opening phrase

Pictures send messages and feelings to the human brain than plain texts. So consider sending a great text enriched with a GIF. She is likelier to respond. Using images, you can effortlessly express your feelings and emotions.

  1. Consider sending a follow-up text

Not all your initial contact will yield fruits. Some people just love to take their time to gauge if you were serious in your message. For example, most ladies admire the chase. A follow-up message like, “imagine we have just linked and you are acting hard to get” may yield a comment.

  1. No one particular phrase that works

A fact is there isn’t one particular magic phrase that guarantees a response from all ladies. Every Tinderer is different, and not all matches are successfully upgraded to flirts and free dates. Be patient and accept any turndown.

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