How to Identify and Avoid Fake Tinder Profiles

Fake profiles are common on dating sites and application. It, therefore, pays to be on alert when using Tinder app so as not to land on a false profile. Although difficult to detect, any observant user will sight such fraudster’s right from the start.

To help you unmask and hence avoid fake profiles, be on the watch for any Tinder profile depicting any of the following red flags:

  1. Incomplete data on the necessary information

Just like all other dating sites, Tinder app gives their members an opportunity to include a brief description of you followed by some personal details. It is these data that the matching algorithm uses to link individuals. Any profile, therefore, that has incomplete data of the following mandatory information yet reaches out to you for a free date is questionable:

  • Must have a Short Biography
  • At least a link to his social network account e.g. Instagram
  • Clearly spent occupation or previous schools attended
  1. One Photo profile

One feature that could make a Tinder profile appear suspicious is when it is flooded by photos and lacks other data to confirm one’s identity. Such accounts are likely to have an abundance of excellent or model like images, making you have second doubts. In most circumstances, the images are just meant to lure you and not a representation of actual people.

On the other hand, some fake profiles also lack photos at all or have many pictures representing different faces and have no relation.

  1. Refuses to send a selfie

Although some individuals aren’t free to upload many photos on their dating profiles, faked profiles also depict that pattern. If you suspect an account to be a forged one, ask the owner to perform a simple task; For example, you can request for a selfie via Instagram.

You can further impose some additional demands like for him to carry a book on the selfie so as to identify him. Any suspected person who is afraid to confirm his identity should otherwise be avoided.

  1. Super fast replies to messages

The swiping feature on Tinder profile is a fun game. Be on the look out after having linked a profile. If the profile sends pretty quick replies, be on the lookout. You should have a reason for doubt if the responses further inconsistent with the topic you had been discussing. The chat boats might also send you messages while jumping from one topic to another. Quit and seek for real mature dating partners or young girls who don’t look like models on their profiles.

One gives away symptom is if the sender evades providing you with direct responses or occasionally sends weird phrases. To such an individual, type and send him a combination of any letters, provided they are not making sense.

If he doesn’t question about it, then you are dealing with a chat boat; move away before you are directed to click unknown and infectious links.

  1. Appears to be exceptionally good

You might be Tinder looking for free dates and sex. However, you suddenly land an excellent match. The profile picture describes it all; the profile portrays a well built or cut man in dazzling attire, has a skillful description in the bio painting the picture a superstar.

Does he complements you and seem overwhelmed to have you as a match? Beware of those” models requesting you to follow them on their social network pages; no superstar would advertise himself through such social profiles.

When you suspect to be dealing with a fake profile on dating sites, it’s probably true. Follow your heart but leave your brain behind; tread cautiously on such communications. Probably they are out to still your personal details or link you to a malicious website.

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