How to Flirt with A Girl on Tinder


Don’t just admire those cute ladies on the Tinder app. Gather courage; initiate a conversation to get a hook up with that gorgeous woman. Having a complete profile with the best picture will lead you to a successful match with a girl.

A Tinder match will not be rewarding if you as the man can’t sustain the stimulating conversation or flirts with your match. The ultimate goal for every person on this profile is to have fine skills from the introductory text messaging, fruitful flirts that lead to the exchange of phone numbers, free sex and dates.

For the best flirting skills and tricks, consider the following tips:

  1. Give timed compliments

How would you feel after putting on your best attire, then go for a date or a party, and no one even notices your looks? Appropriate compliments have a way of uplifting our spirits especially genuine or timed compliments.

Go through your partner’s profile details and pictures. Notice any effort she has made worth praising other than her looks. For example, her latest uploaded image. Make the girl or even a cougar woman aware that her efforts have been recognized. The fact is, even mature women respond to flirts.

  1. Never act desperately

While chatting, don’t show any indication that you are desperate for her. You might send her a message, and she doesn’t respond immediately, don’t probe further with a string of questions; instead be cool and wait for her response. Go on with your activities. At the same time, don’t burst all your secrets and details all at once; let the conversation take the natural pace.

  1. Make it a unique chat

Since the woman has alternative partners to text on a Tinder platform, you have to be creative and unique. In fact, she could be talking with more than one partner at the same time. Be straightforward and unique avoiding the overused phrases like hi, hello. You can customize your conversation from her responses. Dig about her interests and ask leading questions that will make her open up on interesting subjects.

  1. Never assume she is down or has already fallen for you

In the real world, it’s easy for a man to seduce a lady who has shown prior interests. However, on dating apps never assume the woman already has a crush on you due to your picture. Make an effort to seduce her. Let her feel special and worthy to go after, like in the natural world. All your chats should tilt towards building a rapport with her and winning over her love. By so doing, you will surely lock a date with her and get a bang for your efforts.

  1. Have fun!

Flirting and teasing a lady is all about having fun; but only when she is in the right mood. So be on the lookout when for the right moment. For instance, when she initiates a chat at the moment you least expect, be there for her. She might in her good spirits and thought about you or she might be feeling lonely and has reached out to your company; use that golden opportunity

  1. Build a rapport then take the relationship off tinder

Initiate the initial chats and get to know your partner well. Make the effort to win over her love. Use every trick; including teases and jokes. Work towards creating a bond with her. If you manage to create a tie with her, move cautiously towards taking the meeting off the Tinder app. Request for her number, call her and settle for the first date.

It is worth noting that not all the meeting will end up in securing partners. However, remain confident with your flirts. Through the teasing or flirting messages, you will end up with a mature dating partner or a no strings attached dating experience if you want.


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